Brampton’s Big Blue House – Show Promo

UPDATE: You can now watch the full episode online at

Cities across North America are responding everyday to property owners and developers that want to build in established neighbourhoods. Occasionally, we label some of these developments as Monster Homes because they are so out of the norm to adjacent properties.  In Brampton, Ontario, there is one such monster house called the “Big Blue House” that has been in limbo for years because residents, the property owner and the city are at odds with how to move forward.

Does a property owner have the right to build a house that is as big and as high as regulations permit? How much influence should local residents have in controlling what gets built?  And when an owner gets the green light to go ahead and start construction from the city, should the city then be able to halt construction?

In a special, one-hour broadcast of Brampton Focus, host Michael A. Charbon delves deep into the “Big Blue House”.  Featuring interviews with the neighbours, exclusive never before seen footage of the interior of the house, and a first ever, television interview with the owner, Ahmed Elbasiouni.   Mr. Elbasiouni purchased the property, started building the house, and has been fighting the City of Brampton for the past three years since his permit was revoked on February 20th, 2013.

Tune in to the Brampton Focus “Big Blue House – One Hour Special” on Friday, April 29th, at 7:30 pm for this special one hour broadcast, only on Rogers TV.

You don’t want to miss it!

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This is my old neighbourhood. I grew up there. so glad I got out. Between this eye sore, the crime and the state of the neighbourhood I can’t say I’m sorry I left.


I’m living in a different area but, my son still lives right there. How do I find the program on Rigers?!

Fazal Khan

The Program will air on Rogers Cable 10 in Peel Region on Friday April 29th 7:30pm. We will also looking to have the full episode available online. The release date for the online version has not been finalized.

wendy shorey

Thanks Fazal. Would be great if this episode was available on line. Live in Georgetown but used to live in Brampton and would very much like to see this show.

Kim Rizza

I don’t have Rogers but I am hoping it will be online as this affects so many people and not everyone has Rogers anymore

Rene VanderVeen

I just watched the whole episode online (youtube ) I have to side with Mr. Ahmed Elbasiouni , he followed the law, submitted drawings and the city approved it. If there is an error it must be the resposiblity of the city. I hope he gets properly compensated and the false accusations be retracted….I’m sure if he had done it the way they portrayed it was done, meaning building without permit or anything against the city’s bylaw it would not be standing right now.

Stuart Scheffer

Why, I ask WHY would anyone in their right mind want to build a house like this in such a young area. I know, I understand, in Toronto and neighboring communities, nthey build this type of home and eventually,m it fits in. But the Homes in this area are NoT old or derilick. ALL this gentleman has done is cause a lot of commotion over a Home No-one is or has lived in for over two years. How is that a winning situation.